Sunday, November 27, 2016

Music Review (Tamil): Singam 3

Music Review (Tamil): Singam 3
Music Composer: Harris Jayaraj

O Sone Sone's tune has familiarity written all over it and the kuthu is attempted in a different manner while Javed Ali breezes through the easy tune effortlessly. Mc Vicky hops in with the listenable rap lyric and Priya Subramaniyan for the brief Telugu verses. Overall sone sone is the safe start for the highly anticipated album. Swetha Mohan makes the umpteenth tried and tested melody template listenable in Mudhal Murai while the tweaked percussion in the second interlude is the lovely stuff from Harris. Thamarai makes her presence with the lyrics and melody is easy on ears without an iota of doubt, however, the deja-vu factor is unable to brush aside while listening to this song.

Universal Cop is a stylish outing from Harris Jayaraj and the composer tries to bring international flavour in the backgrounds while the guitar riff in the prelude screams it's from Harris. The tune and background arrangements are addictive and hook the listener till it lasts. The song is enjoyable towards the end with Dinesh Kanagrathnam's vocals. He is my hero is another short lovely techno track from Harris and the wanna wanna hook towards the end keeps the listener on the toe. Malavika Manoj sounds apt and adequate for this enjoyable short track. Wi Wi Wi Wifi has the uncanny resemblance with the yellae lama from 7aum Arivu in certain places, however Nikita Gandhi and Karthik vocals makes this one easily works for us. Harris filled the song with the gibberish sounds and cool techno sounds in the interludes. Wi wi wi wifi is the harmless listen from the composer. Mission to Sydney is another techno sounds laden track which is more background'ish rather than as a standalone track. Lady Kash easily scores with her energetic vocals in this short track which may gel well along with visuals. Harris Jayaraj ends the soundtrack with full-fledged stylish EDM loaded theme track for singam and mixes the enjoyable kuthu in the middle. Overall fitting theme track which is on the lines with the overall mood of the album.

Verdict: Harris Jayaraj score is easily best one in the Singam franchise and the composer gives easily accessible commercial album which is high on techno sounds.

My Rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Universal Cop, O sone Sone, Wi Wi Wi Wifi