Monday, December 7, 2015

Music Review (Hindi): Dilwale

Music Review (Hindi): Dilwale
Music Composer: Pritam

        Gerua, despite the familiar feel of the tune, Arijit vocals and neat percussion base throughout the song makes this an enjoyable listen till it lasts. Antara Mitra gave enough support to Arijit with her vocals. Manma emotion Jaage is foot tapping  and engaging enough mainly for the Amit Mishra's verve while processed vocals of female singers Anushka Manchanda and Antara Mitra fits the bill perfectly for the hip-hop tune. Janam Janam seems like the extension of Gerua with flute prelude and the vibe of the song is much similar to Gerua. However this works much better than Gerua, mainly because of the lilting tune accompanied by lovely arrangements with strings and keys. Arijit and Antara Mitra are fabulous with their vocals. Tukur Tukur has lovely Goan flavoured tune base which Pritam used  effectually in Bajrangi Baijaan recently and here also the song is enjoyable within the framework in the vocals of Arijit. Daayre rides mainly on the Arijit vocals and Pritam bolstered the tune with enticing trance rhythms especially second interlude. Overall enticing song especially for the delightful orchestration. Premika carries catchy 90's flavour in the tune with Benny Dayal and Kanika Kapoor behind the mic. However apart from the few interesting sounds in the background, this one has nothing to boast both with respect to tune and arrangements. Pritam gives flute and trance version of Janam Janam as theme of Dilwale and the theme works due to the lovely base tune of Janam along with Arijit's vocals.

Verdict: In Dilwale, Pritam goes into 90's mood mostly may be because of  the lead pair and the soundtrack works partially for its melodic quotient.

My rating: 7.5/10

Pick of the Album: Janam Janam, Daayre, Gerua