Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Music Review(Telugu): Soukhyam

Music Review(Telugu): Soukhyam
Music Composer: Anoop Rubens

        Nakem Tochade has a wonderful lovely solo violin bits interspersed throughout the song and enjoyable classical phrase played with the electric guitar in the second interlude. Anup Ruben's conventional tune is a cakewalk for the veteran Hariharan and the singer's improvisations are evident in this pleasant composition also. Poetic Lyrics by Ramajogayya Sastry bolsters the song very well.Anup Ruben's mired into templatized tried and tested Telugu sound in You are my Honey after a good start of the album. Nakash Aziz and Mohana Bogaraju's sprightly rendition are also unable to salvage this mediocre composition from Anup. Anup marginally enter's the Thaman territory with this song and effective visuals are needed to make this song work.

      Alare Alare has the stock tune of Anup which once again treads on the familiar zone  whereas Anup's arrangements with synthetic beats, string section in the interludes and violin bits makes up for the grouses in the tune. Manisha Erabathini and Rahul Pandey did a neat rendition while Rama Jogayya Sastry showcases his contemporary lyrics skills in this song.Jigi Jigi Jindagi is a motivational number and composer depends mainly on the typical punchy percussion relegated for the songs of this genre. Raman's energetic rendition along with Ramajogayya's simple lyrics makes this one listenable whereas the conventional tune bogs down the overall mood of the song very much.
Lollipop is the mandatory item number and Anup Ruben's rhythmic beats have the whiff of heard before feel in an otherwise foot tapping song. Anup's tune is more like the mishmash of various songs of this genre. However, Geetha Madhuri makes up with her accented energetic rendition and also Anup maintains the energy of the song till it lasts.

Verdict: Anup Ruben confines himself with the soundscape required for the typical commercial Telugu entertainer in Soukhyam. Overall average and neat album with occasional musical highs from Anup in Nakem Tochade and Alare Alare.

My rating: 7/10

Pick of the Album: Nakem Tochade, Alare Alare, Lollipop

You can listen to the songs in youtube.

P.S Edited version of the review is available here.