Thursday, December 24, 2015

Music Review(Tamil): Kathakali

Music Review(Tamil): Kathakali
Music Composer: HipHop Tamizha

Azhage has a typical hip hop song synth beats in the background throughout the song, however, Hip Hop Tamizha's languorous rendition along with pretty good lyrics makes this song pleasant listen till it lasts. Amidst the techno sounds, soothing minimal flute portions in the interludes standout in this leisurely paced song.Erangi Vandhu is a mix of folk and electronic techno sounds sung with enough verve by both Aadhi and Anthony Dassan. Apart from the boisterous sounds with percussions, cool techno sounds and sporadic nicely mixed Nadhaswaram bits, this song about the value of friendship lacks arresting tune to make it an enjoyable track in the album.Kathakali Theme is an effective mix of chendamelam, konnakol and grungy vocals of Hip Hop Tamizha. The transition between chendamelam bits to techno sounds is done smoothly and brief string section in the half way deserves special mention. Overall engaging melange of sounds which makes it an impressive and compelling listen in the album.Kathakali whistle theme is another persuasive theme from Hip hop tamizha with a perfect mix of whistles and sweeping string sections. The theme ends with light percussion touches and especially goosebump inducing string portions serve well for this action packed movie.

Verdict: Once again Hip Hop Tamizha delivers quite an effectual short functional soundtrack with two outstanding theme tracks and an enjoyable song.

My rating:7/10

Pick of the Album: Kathakali theme, Azhage, Kathakali whistle theme. 

P.S. Edited version of the review is available here.