Sunday, December 27, 2015

Music Review (Tamil): Aranmanai 2

Music Review (Tamil): Aranmanai 2
Music Composer: Hip Hop Tamizha

          Party with the Pei is restrained within the composer duo's framework and the vocals of Kharesma Ravichandran is totally subdued in the loud techno sounds. The lyrics by the Hip Hop Tamizha is relatively mediocre and the vocal of the composer is also passable at the best. Overall Party with the Pei rides on the familiar techno rhythms which are sporadically enticing.Maya Maya starts off in quite a lofty note with enchanting chorus portions, but the conventional tune is salvaged mainly by the Padmalatha's sweet vocals and Kailash Kher's vocals didn't fit the bill. The only solace in the quintessential orchestrated song praising the regal queen is occasional Shehnai solos in the arrangements.

           Poraada Poraada falls into the realm of Hip Hop Tamizha and the highlight of the song is mainly catchy electronic synthesized beats throughout the song in the background. Aadhi did quite a good job behind the vocals and although the tune is similar to many of the composer's indie works, this songs works for its enchanting synthesized sounds in the interludes.Kuchi Mittai is another mediocre track from Hip Hop Tamizha and the tune is awfully archaic even Anthony Daasan unable to salvage this tepid track. The passable folk elements in the interludes with nadhaswaram and Thavil sounds better when compared to the unenthusiastic tune.The level of soundtrack continues to spirally dive downwards with this Amman song and the composer duo mutilated the typical Amman tune with the loud assorted orchestration. Malathi Lakshman tries to spruce up with her energetic vocals but ends in vain.Composer duo who scored well with the theme songs in their recent soundtracks and in Aranmanai2 the theme ends being an average one compared to their previous works. The theme is filled with indispensable spooky eerie sounds, dubstep electronic sounds, string sections and misfit child vocals towards the end.

Verdict: After a couple of engaging soundtracks from Hip Hop Tamizha, the composer duo fails to deliver memorable music for the mass movie like Aranmanai2. Overall the album sounds bland without anything to take home for the listeners.

My rating: 6/10

Pick of the Album: Poraada Poraada, Maya Maya.

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