Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Music Review (Telugu): Dictator

Music Review (Telugu): Dictator
Music Composer: Thaman

       Gam Gam Ganesha is a usual Ganesh Bhajan with frenzy percussion bits and pleasant programming by Thaman makes up for the mangled rendition by Divya Kumar. Thaman maintains the energy of the song from start till the end. However, the song fails to make an impact when compared to other Ganesh bhajans released this year across various languages.What's up baby's background beats and the tune is straight out of the Thaman's stock repertoire whereas auto tuning of the vocals irks a lot, especially with male singer Naveen. However, the verve in the vocals of Naveen and Malavika is enough to make Balayya fans to go crazy with visuals. Foot tapping sporadic brass sections are the only solace in this typical Thaman song.

        Thaman makes sure to deliver one engaging melody in each of his albums and in Dictator Thaman's Chura Chura makes a pleasant impact on the listeners. Thaman's programming along with lead vocals humming portions and  Sanjana's vocals blends so well and makes this one engaging listen. Rama Jogayya sastry scores with memorable lyrics and lovely melody from Thaman after Nuvve Nuvve in Kick 2.In Tingo Tingo, Thaman mired himself into his templatized sounds, however female lead singers Kousalya and Geetha Madhuri saves the languishing tune with their enthusiastic vocals while Simha gave enough support to make this song a passable listen in the album. Thaman's percussion in the interludes scores in this average song.Dictator's title track has the deja vu feel associated with it, however, Thaman's haunting programming along with eerie background humming makes this work despite the heard before tune. The slew of singers leads by Satyan delivered a wonderful vocal for the esoteric ambiance created by Thaman.Thaman ends with the high energetic mass song Gana Gana and the song is foot-tapping enough to please the audience with the visuals. However as a soundtrack this one goes into the list of conventional mass songs churned out from the Telugu music directors. Sameera Bharadwaj vocal works to the song's favour compared to Deepak and Simha's.

Verdict: Thaman continues to play it safe when it comes to mass hero albums and Dictator too falls into the same category. It's high time for Thaman to come out of his comfortable zone considering the number of high profile Telugu movie soundtrack scored by him.

My rating:6.5/10 

Pick of the Album: Chura Chura, Dictator, Gam Gam Ganesha.

You can listen to the songs in Saavn.

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