Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Music Review(Telugu): Nannaku Prematho

Music Review(Telugu): Nannaku Prematho
Music Composer: Devi Sri Prasad

The opening song in the album Follow Follow has enough reasons for the Jr. NTR fans to go crazy because fans get to listen to their favourite actor's vocals in a catchy song and also already released video creates much rage among the fans. Actor did a nice job with his vocals and DSP makes sure the song's rhythm is catchy enough with reuttered words throughout the song. Templatized tune aside, DSP's use of funky trumpets occasionally catches the listener's attention. Na manasu Neelo's highlight is jazzy keys throughout the song and Martin's sax in the interludes. The tune has heard before feel to it mainly because of DSP's vocals and the feel is accentuated mainly in the pallavi portions, Bhaskara Bhatla lyrics and especially husky vocals of Sharmila makes this duet an enjoyable listen till it lasts.

Don't stop is the anthemic number with some remarkable optimistic lyrics from chandrabose. The only grouse being that Raghu Dixit is being relegated to mostly songs of inspirational number by DSP. However Raghu continue to excel and spruce up the song with his energetic vocals. DSP mixes stock percussion sound and hard core Guitar riffs throughout the song. However the song is worth a listen for Raghu's vocals and lyrics.Love me again features intense lyrics by Chandrabose where protagonist pleads the lover and the feel brings back to Sukumar's Arya. However the tune is not as effectual compared to the Sukumar-DSP combo's repertoire in this genre. Sooraj Santosh expressive vocals along with Manoj Ramachandran's wailing violin solos being the highlight in this poignant number.Love Dhebba is the mass song in the album and DSP's use of Arabic funky sounds and fabulous Karthik's violin throughout the song makes it differ from other mass songs from telugu industry. Although the arrangements has an enticing quirky sounds, DSP's tune still has a tinge of typical folk song. Deepak and Shravana Bhargavi's swag in their vocals makes this one an interesting listen.

Verdict: DSP-Sukumar combo continues to delight the listners with peppy energetic songs. Though Naannaku Prematho didn't match with the combo's previous collaborations, this one has engaging set of songs from DSP.

My rating: 7.25/10

Pick of the Album: Na Manasu Neelo, Follow Follow, Love Dhebba

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